A rising Canadian-American singer, songwriter, and musician, Robbie Litt is driven to establish himself as a formidable force in the world of Americana. Sending waves in the industry with the release of his new album, “Go That Far”, the stirring artist is set to showcase his individuality and musical prowess, weaving intricate connections with each soulful release.

-Exposed Vocals



Robbie Litt was born in Ontario, Canada.  He began playing bass guitar at the age of 13.   At night, we would fall asleep listening to classic rock songs with his Pioneer headphones.  One night, he heard Neil Young’s song, Old Man.  It was at that moment he knew he wanted to be a musician for the rest of his life.  Robbie spent countless hours learning guitar and harmonica and would even skip school to feed his passion.

One year, the school system experienced a teacher strike.  Robbie’s father insisted he use this time to practice playing music with his brothers.  They would wake up at 7 in the morning and play until 5 in the evening.  When the teachers returned to school, Robbie told his father that he wanted to quit school and be a musician full-time.  Robbie’s father being a musician himself, allowed Robbie to quit school and start performing professionally.

After a full year of rehearsals, Robbie’s father took the lead and began booking his sons for band gigs throughout Ontario.  Over the course of 8 years, Brothers the Band released 2 albums and performed at large events across Canada.  Their second album was produced and recorded by the legendary Jack Richardson who produced famous bands such as The Guess Who, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, and Bob Seger.  Their song Bound for Glory was inducted into the Canadian National Archives and was listed in the top 20 for several weeks.  Play it Soft was awarded first place for best song with The Edge 102 radio station.

Once Robbie’s father passed away, Robbie began to perform as a solo act.  He recorded his first solo album, Play it Soft, which sold over 10,000 copies.  Robbie then went on tour with the famous country singer-songwriter, Beverley Mahood.  The tour took them across Canada and introduced Robbie Litt as the opening act.  After the tour, Robbie headlined with Carnival Cruise Lines, performing in countries across the world.  He was also a featured performer on the cruise ship music festival, Shiprocked.

Performing on Carnival Cruise Lines opened the doors for Robbie to break into the United States market and become an American citizen.  There, he recorded three albums, all of which received numerous accolades from radio stations and critics.  His songs have received thousands of hits on Spotify.  He toured across the United States, performing his original songs, and entertained thousands at events such as the Tom Petty Birthday Bash in Gainesville, Florida and opened for Danielle Nicole in Houston, Texas. His song, Something to Believe In, was nominated for song of the year by the Mississippi Music Foundation.  He also received a nomination for male southern rock singer of the year and male country music singer of the year.

Today, Robbie continues push the boundaries of his performances by releasing new songs and touring across the United States.  His songs are written from personal experiences and difficulties and have inspired thousands across the world.  His songs are currently being played throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom where he is able to break new ground and inspire thousands more.


Robbie Litt